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These is Jessamyn Stanley and she is my SHERO. I could never have imagined i would collaborate with one of the  most followed

yogi instagramers . She has a phenomenally motivional account and Her story is inspiring and her message so real.

I LOVE HER and i am so glad our paths crossed.  I was on the brim of giving up my yoga path. I had come to accept that things

happen and maybe for that reason i should just stop!!

I was feeling this down and low because of what happened a year earlier.

In july 2016 i celebrated my one year anniversary from an unfortunate event, my left ankle fracture & surgery.

Story to be told later in greater detail LATER but  I would have never thought i be able to model yoga ASANAS after what happened to me.

And well, I did . I got chosen from hundreds of people that summited their stories and biographies to Jessy.

This is the book deal that saved my purposeful path and i am so excited to hold it soon.

coming out in the spring a book made from love to encourage you to self- love.




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