My journey within

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I had an awakening recently. It’s not the first time this happens. I remember being younger and having this same sense of oneness with all.

Something happened these past days. I took the challenge to commit to sitting everyday of February with the guided meditation real happiness challenge by Sharon Salzberg. Finishing this challenge was what my soul needed. During the weeks in the challenge, something opened up in me. I felt light and inspired by my inner sense of being. I was able to shake off all the mental noise that kept me feeling heavy and discouraged.

I must confess its not easy being human but we are so much more than our minds and bodies. We are divinely guided to live here and shine that light within.

So when I saw this picture it describes my sensations. Like cracking open and reentering into a space that is one with me.

You are your greatest teacher. Stop looking outside and step within.


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