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Day 1 of the #real happiness 28 day meditation challenge began in a beautiful space in midtown called MNDFL.The mediation was led by co founder Lodro Rinzler which is also the chief spiritual officer of their  three meditation studios.

Walking into these space makes you feel relaxed immediately. The design and environment looks, smells and feels great.I was lounging and sipping some tea while waiting to enter the meditation room with a group of about 30.

The experience was real. The studio makes you want to come back or at least create a space like these in your home.The group was very diverse and the room  makes meditation accessible to everyone. They had chairs, two types of cushions (zafus and gomdens), and backjacks (for extra back support) for you to choose from.

I have meditated on cushions before but tried the backjacks these time and the sitting was amazing.

The meditation was focused on breathe and lasted 10 minutes. After committing to sit in a group i found the experience to be easier.

Maybe because i knew we were all in this together and trying to just be happy.  MNDFL mission is pretty simple: we exist to enable humans to feel good.

Well, this Human being was being and not doing, just sitting and Being. That felt good and made me ready to commit to sit for 26 more days.

The challenge is still open for free registration until February 6th. And this week there will be another group meditation held at a different NYC location to experience another technique of mediation. if you cant make it to the location group sessions will be livestream check out Sharon Salzberg online. So be open and try on something different this new year that will make you feel good and have a more lasting result on your mind,body and spirit.


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